NY-Presbyterian Hospital, New York City - November 13, 2019. Opening Ceremony honoring the unveiling of the LIFE project by Antonio Pio Saracino at the NY-Presbyterian Hospital. The event was hosted by the Italian Consulate in New York in coordination with the NY-Presbyterian Hospital at the Columbus


Sydney, Australia (October 3, 2019) – The Arch of Syndey or Unity Gate is a proposed project for a public art installation in Sydney, designed by the New York-based Italian architect and designer Antonio Pio Saracino. An exhibition on the Unity Gate will be presented at


Location: Hamptons, NY Project Designer: APS Designs Project Type: Residential Design The Water Mansion: An Unparalleled Hamptons Haven The Water Mansion is a design project by Italian architect, Antonio Pio Saracino of APS Designs. This grand residence spans a sprawling 11,100 sq ft, offering eight bedrooms and eight and


AREAA and GO ART cordially invite you to 2019 International Cultural Real Estate Awards (New York) in accordance with Suzhou Garden New York Project. The Classical Gardens of Suzhou is a series of gardens in Suzhou region, Jiangsu province, China. The Suzhou gardens have been added


Location: East Hampton, NY Project Designer: APS Designs Project Type: Residential Design  A Fusion of Independence and Togetherness Introducing a design for a 5-bedroom, 4500 sq ft house by APS Designs. Meticulously curated to offer spaces catering to both individuality and shared experiences. Symmetry and Serenity: The Modern Hampton's Oasis Exuding


NEW YORK CITY, LIFE, NY-PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL, 68th Street, New York, NY, June 2018: The ‘Life’ monument consists of two sculptures, 10 feet and 18 feet in height, that stand firmly in the historic entrance of the iconic New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Each sculpture is composed of


The New Arc project by Antonio Pio Saracino is a landmark for the City of Newark. It was selected as winner in a public competition by the Newark EDC and the City of Newark for a new development in Mulberry Commons. The project was presented


JAKARTA, Italian Cultural Institute: During the lecture, Antonio Pio Saracino will present drawings, images, and videos of his projects, in particular, the ones which illustrate an interdisciplinary approach with the theme: Nature, Heritage, and Design. He will dialogue with local Architect Cosmas Gozali and analyze what