NEW YORK CITY, LIFE, NY-PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL, 68th Street, New York, NY, June 2018: The ‘Life’ monument consists of two sculptures, 10 feet and 18 feet in height, that stand firmly in the historic entrance of the iconic New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Each sculpture is composed of a series of steel rings with different heights and radiuses assembled on top of each other and shifted from the vertical axis to create two dynamic and iconic shapes. While being visually unstable, the two towers maintain their internal stability. Life is fragile and vulnerable, yet strong and resilient. Life is about finding that unique balance between inner and outer forces that unfold during our existence. Our body is not limited between what we think is inside and outside of us. Our mind is constantly inside and “outside” the boundaries of our body. With this work, I explore this dynamic tension. The visual unbalance, contrasted against the structural stability of the sculptures’ body, invites viewers to reflect on the balance we strive to achieve in nearly all aspects of life.