Shangai, China - November 2019 意大利设计大师Antonio Pio Saracino和Marco Piva先生拜访中鹰·黑森林 每年的米兰国际家具(上海)展览会,都是中外著名建筑师、室内设计、行业精英们的思想碰撞,也是中鹰集团与意大利设计大师、家居品牌商老友们的一次密集交流期。22日,正值上海米兰家具展最后一天,来自意大利的两位著名设计大师——Marco Piva先生和Antonio Pio Saracino先生,在繁忙的展会期间抽空拜访上海中鹰·黑森林,与中鹰集团董事长芮永祥交流最新行业趋势,分享各自项目进展情况。 "Italian design masters Antonio Pio Saracino and Marco Piva visit China Eagle Black Forest. The annual Milan International Furniture (Shanghai) Exhibition is a clash of ideas between Chinese and foreign famous architects, interior designers, and


SCCI, Sydney, Australia - October 12, 2019 Ar(t)chitecture: What makes architecture, art and urban geography so powerful? Alison Kubler, Editor of VAULT Magazine, moderates a conversation identifying the maelstrom of issues related to public space, gentrification, creative design practice, urban renewal and the increasingly complex rendezvous of


Location: Manhattan, New York City Interior Designer: APS Designs Project Type: Staircase & Residential Design Transforming a Townhouse Discover the essence of elegance and innovation in the interior renovation of a charming New York townhouse. This project isn't just about renovation; it's a journey that unveils the beauty of