SCCI, Sydney, Australia – October 12, 2019

Ar(t)chitecture: What makes architecture, art and urban geography so powerful?

Alison Kubler, Editor of VAULT Magazine, moderates a conversation identifying the maelstrom of issues related to public space, gentrification, creative design practice, urban renewal and the increasingly complex rendezvous of art, architecture and urban futures.

Ar(t)chitecture brings together Danya Sherman, USA-based cultural planning and community development consultant, with Antonio Pio Saracino, Italian-born architect based in New York City, and with Anthony Lister, Australian contemporary painter and installation artist best-known for inventing ‘Adventure Painting’.

Together with Kubler, the architect, artist and cultural planner discuss the intensities of public art commissions; the high stakes in attracting visitors and investment to enhance property development through art activations; and the role of adapting, augmenting, defacing and reinterpreting urban infrastructure.

Can art, architecture and urbanism build democratic capacity, address inequities and add cultural layering to our cities?