SAO PAULO, BRAZIL / MuBe MUSEUM / GATE 150 Sao Paulo, May-June 2011: The Brazilian Sculpture Museum (better known as MUBE) is an art museum that features sculptures, architecture, drawings and design works. The MUBE presents Antonio Pio Saracino latest work in a solo exhibition. He presents


ITALY, TOP TEN ITALIAN ARCHITECT/ NEW ITALIAN BLOOD Exhibits Traveling exhibition throughout Europe, 2011: In occasion of the National Award: NEW ITALIAN BLOOD, the Top Ten Italian Architect under 36 that have been selected will exhibit their work in Sciacca, Ragusa, Salerno, Rome, Ferrara, Bologna, Venice, Milan,


NEW YORK CITY, Bosi Contemporary/ Second Nature New York City, March, 2011:  ” Italian architect and designer Antonio Pio Saracino has earned a place at the design-art table. His furniture designs have been presented at galleries around the world and earned him numerous awards. In his latest


BOLOGNA , ITALY / LIPU / Art Fair Bologna, January 2011: LipanjePuntin Arte Contemporanea is proud to present Antonio Pio Saracino recent work the Ray Sofa. The Ray Sofa is an exploration of the structural components found in the natural world and the ways in which they


MOSCOW, BRUSSELS, ROME / THREE SOLO SHOWS Moscow, Brussels, Rome, February-March 2009: Antonio Pio Saracino debuts a collection of his work in a project entitled “Myths and Rhythms for the New Millennium.” The three shows will take place in Moscow, Brussels and Rome and will be on display