Moscow, Brussels, Rome, February-March 2009: Antonio Pio Saracino debuts a collection of his work in a project entitled “Myths and Rhythms for the New Millennium.” The three shows will take place in Moscow, Brussels and Rome and will be on display February through March 2007. The show opens in Moscow Feb. 3 at the historic M’ARS Center for Contemporary Art in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture of Moscow. This exhibition will feature the installation Empire’s Fall and a series of artwork. Brussels’ art&design GMT+7 gallery will present Saracino’s architectural and design projects together with artwork and Installations, opening Feb. 7. EmmeOtto gallery on Via Margutta in Rome presents a site specific installation along with the series cycle Myths. The Rome show opens Feb. 12.

The exhibitions are presented with a catalog in English and Italian with texts by Antonio Geusa, Giovanna Massoni, Renato Miracco and Jonathan Turner.

Italian architect and designer Antonio Pio Saracino explains the vision he has for this project. “Whenever there is a revolution of knowledge, or fast change, in architecture, art and design barriers break down,” says Saracino.“This happened in the Early Renaissance in Italy; it happened many times in the 19th and 20th centuries in the countless researches of avant-garde,” he adds. “These three-solo shows present the interdisciplinary research between art, architecture and design in my work. The creative edge between these fields is interconnected.”