Location: East Hampton, NY
Project Designer: APS Designs
Project Type: Residential Design 

A Fusion of Independence and Togetherness
Introducing a concept design for a 5-bedroom, 4500 sq ft house by APS Designs. Meticulously curated to offer spaces catering to both individuality and shared experiences.

The Heart of Connection
Enter through a central spine entry portal gracefully dividing the house into two realms. The main owner enjoys independence, while guests relish self-sufficient spaces. This design finds harmony between individuality and togetherness. The grand room, nestled in the heart of the house, acts as a focal point, nurturing connections amidst the elegant setting.

Modern Heritage in Concrete
This concept seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. A stepped portal in concrete frames the form of a traditional house, honoring local heritage with a contemporary flair. The materials palette—concrete, natural stone, bronze metal frames, and wood framing—creates a harmonious mix of textures resonating with the iconic Hamptons countryside.

An Expedition in Luxury
Outdoor terraces invite the embrace of fresh air, while a 2-car garage brings convenience. Inside, three living rooms cater to various moods and occasions. Home offices provide productive spaces, and five bedrooms offer both comfort and privacy. With six baths and a home theater, the house caters to all aspects of modern living.

The Iconic Backbone
The central iconic spine of the house transcends being merely an entryway—it becomes a narrative woven into the fabric of design. This inviting entry void signifies the unity binding the house’s diverse spaces, ensuring a seamless transition between different areas and experiences.

A Symphony of Design
APS Designs envisions a space where individuality and community coexist harmoniously, where tradition embraces modernity, and where luxury unites with functionality. A vision of harmonious living beckons, inviting you to step into a world where design metamorphoses into an immersive experience.