Location: East Hampton, NY
Project Designer: APS Designs
Project Type: Residential Design 

A Fusion of Independence and Togetherness
Introducing a design for a 5-bedroom, 4500 sq ft house by APS Designs. Meticulously curated to offer spaces catering to both individuality and shared experiences.

Symmetry and Serenity: The Modern Hampton’s Oasis
Exuding an air of nearly perfect symmetry, this architectural masterpiece is the quintessence of warmth and welcoming elegance. Nestled in the heart of the Hamptons, it stands as a sanctuary where two distinct realms harmoniously blend in communal spaces, providing the perfect balance of independence and togetherness.

Natural Harmony
The house exudes a natural and inviting allure, embracing the outdoors through large glass windows that draw the beauty of nature inside. The exterior showcases a centrally positioned pool, perfectly framed by the home’s symmetrical design. The house features a total of 5 bedrooms, offering spacious and comfortable accommodations for residents and guests alike.

Materials Marvel
The interior is a harmonious blend of natural patterns and textures, with travertine marble pillars and walls gracing the spaces. The warm embrace of wood textures runs throughout, creating an atmosphere of understated brilliance and relaxation. The marble featured wall and fireplace stand as an exquisite centerpiece, radiating an aura of timeless elegance.

Elegance Meets Comfort
An iconic living area commands attention with its double-height ceiling and a breathtaking Murano chandelier installation that bathes the room in a gentle, captivating glow. Multiple living areas are thoughtfully distributed throughout the house, allowing guests and family members to relish the space together or in smaller, more intimate gatherings.

Nature’s Embrace
The bedrooms are a testament to the house’s commitment to bringing the outdoors inside. Warm, natural textures envelop the rooms, creating a serene atmosphere. Each bedroom features a large marble wall fireplace, adding a touch of luxury and charm to the sleeping quarters.

Understated Brilliance
This iconic Hamptons residence is a testament to the art of sophisticated living. It offers a unique combination of style, comfort, and elegance that comes together in perfect harmony. Here, nature and architecture unite, creating a retreat that is both stylish and comfortable, inviting you to experience the best of contemporary living in a tranquil and breathtaking setting.

Furniture Credits: Masion Gerard, Living Room Lighting Installation by Atelier APS, Living Room Floor Lamp by F. Chartrain, Chandelier Dining Room by AYALA, Coffee Table Living Room by Atelier APS, Day Bed Living Room by Atelier APS