Single Family House

Location: Palm Beach, FL
Project Designer: APS Designs
Project Type: Residential Design

Timeless Italian Elegance in Palm Beach

Step into a world of timeless Italian elegance in this meticulously designed two-story residence in Palm Beach by APS Designs. The homeowner’s vision was clear: to create a space where Italian heritage and contemporary design harmoniously coexist, creating a truly timeless atmosphere. The use of marble and stone in the portals throughout the house serves as an iconic tribute to Italian architectural traditions.


The Grand Entrance Gallery

As you enter, a grand white staircase graces the grand entrance, its steps and the floor adorned with white marble, effectively transforming this space into an art gallery. Adorned with decorative art pieces and a sculptural chandelier, the staircase’s prospective view opens to a lush garden, bridging the interior with the outdoors seamlessly.


The Transitional Kitchen

The kitchen is a masterful blend of modern convenience and classic charm, with ash wood panels, marble counters, and a grand antique black marble backsplash framing the doors. This transitional kitchen exudes timelessness.


Exquisite Bathrooms

The bathrooms are equally exquisite, featuring accent Carrara marble walls and Carrara marble sinks with black ash wood and a black tub, making each bathroom a study in elegant design.


The Elegant Dining Room

In the dining room and entrance, a special ground frame of marble surrounds the doorway. A black marble table and chairs in walnut take center stage, and a hand-blown Murano glass sculptural chandelier hangs above. The symmetry between the entrance and dining room creates an elegant and balanced space.


Timeless Living Spaces

The living room is a tribute to Italian design, with a series of arches framed with brass portals that create a sense of length and perspective. One side features arch windows that provide a view of the outdoors, while the other side houses a library with comfortable seating, ensuring a classical central perspective in a timeless living area. A special marble fireplace adds to the room’s charm.


The Master Bedroom Sanctuary

The master bedroom is a sanctuary, featuring a special wall adorned with Calacatta marble. The marble wall Is flat in the center and is sculpted on the two sides to mimic the folds of a curtain, creating a unique headboard for the bed. The room overlooks a terrace garden, and a copper bronze chair complements the room’s elegant design, adding a touch of warmth to the marble color veins.


Where Past and Present Coexist

In this Palm Beach residence, APS Designs has brought Italian heritage to life, creating a space where the past and present coexist, offering a truly timeless and elegant living experience.


Furniture Credits: Masion Gerard, Chandelier Staircase by Niamh Barry, Floor Lamp Living Room by AYALA, Chandelier Dining Room Atelier APS, Chandelier Living Room by Niamh Barry, Coffee Table Living Room by Atelier APS, Day Bed Living Room by Atelier APS, Lounge Chair Bedroom by Atelier APS.