Penthouse Residence

Location: Florence, Italy
Project Designer: APS Designs, Blatz Architect
Project Type: Residential Design

Historical Renovation: A Contemporary Journey
The Penthouse project is located in the heart of Florence, Italy, where a transformative interior renovation unfolds. Spanning 5,500 square feet, this endeavor is more than just a renovation; it’s an artistic evolution. Redefining the conventional layout, the project breathes life into contemporary living while preserving the essence of tradition. With six bedrooms, this intimate residence offers a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation.

Sculptural Core: The Heart of Transformation
At the center of this masterpiece stands a sculptural core wall, an architectural marvel that transcends the ordinary. This remarkable element becomes the soul of the home, weaving together the historical fabric and modern aspirations.

The Interior Intent
The project’s interior design is a symphony of space and aesthetics. The designers breathe new life into a historical palace, respecting its legacy while crafting an environment tailored for contemporary living.

Embracing Cultural Context: Renaissance Inspiration
Immersed in research and respect for cultural context, the penthouse renovation pays homage to Florence’s architectural heritage. A central geometric volume, inspired by the diamond rustication of Renaissance buildings, becomes the architectural heart, a nod to the city’s rich past.

Italian Excellence: Craftsmanship and Design
From the heart of Italy emerges a penthouse adorned with furniture and materials meticulously crafted by skilled Italian hands. This homage to Italian design and craftsmanship elevates the penthouse into a haven of luxury and cultural appreciation.

Luxurious Residential Transformation: Elevating Elegance
Witness the transformation of a high-end residential interior as it unfolds into an oasis of refined beauty. The boundaries of tradition give way to contemporary allure, meticulously curated to weave an atmosphere of pure sophistication.

A Tapestry of Refined Opulence: Redefined Interiors
Every corner of this exquisite residence exudes refined elegance, an ambiance of opulence carefully curated to capture timeless allure. From meticulously designed spaces to the minutest details, a sense of refined taste infuses the air.

Italian Craftsmanship, Curated Design: An Ode to Excellence
Fabricated by skilled hands in Italy, this project celebrates the mastery of Italian craftsmanship. Each element is a testament to precision, elegance, and dedication to the art of design.

Reimagining Luxury: A Symphony of Creativity and Craftsmanship
APS Designs’ approach transcends the conventional form, function, and elegance into a harmonious tapestry. The spaces are transformed into immersive experiences that echo timeless elegance and redefine the art of living.