Location: San Jose, California
Project Designer: APS Designs
Project Type: Competition of Landmark Design

City Lantern: Lighting the Way to the Future — Competition Entry: A Beacon of Innovation
Location: San Jose, CA — San Jose Light Tower Corporation

In the heart of San Jose, a vision takes shape, heralding a new era of brilliance and inspiration. The City Lantern Tower and Plaza, a competition proposal, stands as an embodiment of the spirit of Silicon Valley. Designed by Italian Architect Antonio Pio Saracino of APS Designs, this iconic landmark pays homage to the community’s genius, innovation, and global contributions.

A Riverside Oasis: A Canvas of Connection
Envisioned around Arena Green, the project enlivens the surroundings with a paved promenade encircling the space. Twin cabled bridges gracefully span the Los Gatos Creek and the Guadalupe River, seamlessly uniting both sides of the park.

A Towering Tribute: A Symbol of Innovation
A majestic 200-foot tower emerges from the western horizon, serving as a beacon of light and creativity. In the east, a visiting center anchors the plaza, inviting exploration and discovery.

Day and Night Enchantment: A Monument Alive
The City Lantern Tower and Plaza is designed to captivate both sunlight and moonlight. The tower’s ten illuminated rings pay homage to San Jose’s historic Light Tower while also representing the modern spirit of innovation. The tower’s framework mimics the intricate patterns of nature, blending technology with the organic.

The Observatory of Imagination: Unlimited Heights
An optional observation deck crowns the tower, inviting visitors to ascend and embrace panoramic vistas. The tower’s first floor houses a technology museum that honors the inventions born in Silicon Valley – from personal computers to satellite technology. An oculus graces this space, inviting the sky’s brilliance.

A Tale of History and Vision: The Visitor Center
The visiting center narrates the project’s journey and the historic competition. An upper-floor restaurant adorned with a panoramic terrace overlooks the flowing rivers, the natural sphere of the plaza, and the distant tower.

Night’s Extravaganza: A Symphony of Light
As the sun dips below the horizon, the City Lantern truly comes alive. Infused with LEDs, the complex transforms into an illuminated spectacle, ranging from serene illuminations to celebratory displays during special occasions. These rays of light transcend the plaza, bridges, and tower, paying homage to San Jose’s diversity and global impact.

Power of Sustainability: Net-Positive Endeavor
The project’s core principle lies in sustainability. Photovoltaic tiles pave the pedestrian plaza, harnessing the sun’s energy to power the mesmerizing light shows. The vision goes beyond net-zero, aiming to be energy-positive – producing excess electricity to contribute back to San Jose’s energy grid.

The City Lantern Tower and Plaza isn’t just a design; it’s an ode to innovation, a celebration of human achievement, and an emblem of a brighter future. With every shimmer of light, it casts a guiding glow, leading San Jose toward a luminous tomorrow.