Tibi Headquarters

Location: Noho, New York City
Project Designer: APS Designs, Blatz Architect 
Project Type: Retail & Office Design

Elevating Fashion Hub: A Distinctive Journey
Welcome to the world of Tibi, an esteemed fashion brand that finds its architectural expression in a 6000 square foot corporate headquarters and showroom. As the heart of Tibi’s creative pulse, this space captures the essence of the brand while embracing the spirit of the original loft. The project designed by APS Designs and Blatz Architect.

Unveiling Airy Sophistication: A Loft Reimagined
The fusion of fashion and architecture unfolds in this upscale haven. The 6000 square foot space retains the loft’s inherent airy quality, a canvas where design imagination knows no bounds. Designers preserve the essence of the loft while infusing it with a distinct identity, setting the stage for a unique experience.

Dynamic Design Dialogues: The Dance of Surfaces
Prepare to witness a bold design narrative that pushes the boundaries of innovation. Sinuous surfaces, fluid and graceful, make their entrance, introducing a dynamic interplay of form and function. These surfaces, reminiscent of fabric folds, craft an environment where every corner holds a purpose. These folds curate distinct zones for varied social activities, enveloping visitors in an experience that is both functional and aesthetic.

Openness with Elegance: A Harmonious Dichotomy
The genius of design lies in maintaining openness while introducing defined spaces. As the sinuous surfaces guide you, they preserve the sense of openness inherent to the loft’s original character. The design project becomes a symphony where movement and purpose align in perfect harmony.

Carving Views: An Interplay of Light and Structure
Cuts in the curved surfaces offer a tantalizing peek into the space’s original shell, a nod to the building’s history and an artistic conversation between past and present. These incisions also become conduits for light, allowing its gentle glow to penetrate the inner sanctums, adding depth and dimension to the design.