Dental Clinic

Location: Lincoln Park, Chicago
Project Designer: APS Designs
Project Type: Dental Clinic Design

Elevating Dental Wellness: A Sculptural Haven
Welcome to a new era of dental care – a realm where innovation meets design, meticulously sculpted by APS Designs. This is the story of a dental boutique practice that redefines the art of oral wellness.

A Symphony of Design: Unveiling Dental Boutique Elegance
Step into the luxurious world of dentistry, where APS Designs’ ingenuity transforms a 2500 square foot space in Lincoln Park, Chicago into an elite Dental Clinic. This project is more than a practice; it’s an experience of spatial balance and unity, guided by sculptural ribbons that weave throughout.

Sculpting Spatial Harmony: Ribbons of Elegance
The Dental Clinic is a testament to the power of design in creating harmony and balance. APS Designs’ sculptural ribbons constitute a creative system; they serve as the organizing principle of the space. As you enter, a ribbon gracefully emerges, enveloping the waiting area in a comforting embrace. These ribbons guide you through a symphony of spaces, from the reception area to the intimate private treatment rooms, ensuring a seamless flow of experience.

Illuminating Excellence: Lighting Within the Ribbons
In this clinic, light dances within the ribbons themselves. Spotlights embedded in the ribbons’ surfaces illuminate the space with a gentle radiance. These luminous accents blend seamlessly with the ceiling, guiding your gaze fluidly to the treatment rooms. Designers’ lighting solutions are as innovative as they are aesthetic, creating an ambiance that soothes and uplifts.

Sculpted Spaces: Private Office Elegance
The private offices are enrobed in the rich embrace of walnut finish. A natural pattern graces these enclosed spaces, creating a harmonious background for the pristine white ribbons and sleek gray concrete floors. This marriage of textures and tones invites you to a space where comfort meets modernity.

Artistry Meets Wellness: APS Designs’ Dental Boutique Vision
Within the walls of this Dental Clinic, APS Designs weaves a narrative of design excellence and holistic wellness. The Dental Clinic isn’t just a place for oral care; it’s a sanctuary where design, innovation, and dental wellness converge. Step into a space that redefines dental practice, where each element is sculpted to elevate not just smiles, but also the soul.