Tibi Boutique

Location: SoHo, New York City
Designer: APS Designs, Blatz Architect
Project Type: Boutique Design

Fashion – Design- Art 
Step into the realm of fashion enchantment as we present the meticulously crafted Tibi flagship SoHo boutique, a masterwork encompassing 2200 square feet of elegance and style. In this collaboration of design, we bring the essence of Tibi’s iconic 70’s-inspired, bold print textiles to life within the heart of SoHo’s bustling energy. The fusion of art, design and fashion of the Tibi SoHo boutique is the narrative for this project.

Prints Transformed: Embracing Decorative Identity
Tibi’s renowned identity is a canvas of bold prints, a hallmark that becomes the very muse for the boutique’s interior. The design elegantly interprets these emblematic prints, infusing every corner with the brand’s essence. Within the classic SoHo white box space, two folded canopies gracefully unfurl, adorned with a verdant black and green botanical motif. These sculpted canopies form an inviting entrance arch, visible from the storefront window, serving as a magnet for shoppers to step into the world of Tibi.

Sculpted Elegance: Canopies of Imagination
The architectural prowess behind the canopies creates an unparalleled visual spectacle. The front canopy hovers above, gently folding to meet the sidewall, crafting an intimate customer service desk. It then sweeps upward, seemingly boundless, caressing the ceiling with a flourish. These canopies are not just structures; they’re an embodiment of artistry that guides shoppers, a transformative dance of design that redefines spatial dynamics.

Elevated Ambiance: The Essence of Space
Ingenious design choices redefine the ambiance, heightening the boutique’s allure. The folded canopies orchestrate a play with the ceiling’s height, altering perspectives along the lengthy plan. This spatial manipulation culminates in the perception of distinct shopping realms within the boutique, each with its own magnetic pull. These folds metamorphose the ordinary into the extraordinary, crafting an ever-evolving journey for patrons.

Elegance Unveiled: Display Wall
A facetted display wall, a testament to meticulous design, gracefully adorns one side of the boutique. Bathed in a pale green hue, it emerges as a canvas for Tibi’s creations, an homage to the brand’s legacy. This wall becomes more than a surface; it’s a storytelling medium that leads the way to the lower level—a sanctuary that houses the pattern room, a space for creation and inspiration.