Holocaust Memorial

Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Project Designer: APS Designs
Project Type: Competition of a Landmark

A Tribute to Remember: Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial
Step into a place of remembrance and tribute on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. This memorial, designed by APS Designs, stands tall at 58 feet, telling a powerful story through its architecture. The Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial invites you to explore, reflect, and honor the voices of those who were lost.

A Towering Tale of Respect
Imagine a stack of planes, reaching towards the sky—this is the heart of the memorial. Standing 58 feet tall along the boardwalk, it symbolizes the layers of history and memory. As you approach, you’re drawn towards the center—a sacred space where the memorial’s essence unfolds.

A Sanctuary of Contemplation
In the heart of the memorial lies a profound void, carved out to form a domed, chapel-like setting. Here, benches await, inviting you to pause, pray, and contemplate. The design creates a serene ambiance, a place to connect with the past and pay homage to the lives that were lost.

Voices in the Wind
Picture millions of stainless steel wind chimes, each representing a voice silenced by the Holocaust. Suspended beneath the slabs above, they sway gently in the wind. Varying in lengths, they create a symphony of visual and aural waves—an ode to the lives that once were. The chimes resonate like voices, filling the memorial with a symphony of remembrance.

Illuminating Memories
As the sun sets, recessed LED uplights come to life, casting a gentle glow upon the wind chimes. The memorial transforms into a place of light and shadows, where memories come alive in the play of illumination.

Open Spaces, Open Hearts
The gaps between the slabs serve a dual purpose—they provide a view through the memorial’s layers and allow the wind to dance through the chimes. It’s a symbol of transparency, where the past is honored openly and the voices of the victims find a way to be heard.

The Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial is more than just an architectural memorial —it’s a testament to resilience, memory, and honoring those lost. APS Designs has created a space where history and emotion intertwine, inviting all who visit to remember and reflect.