Beauty Salon

Location: Upper East Side, New York City
Project Designer: APS Designs, Blatz Architect
Project Type: Beauty Salon

Simple Elegance: Beauty Salon

Imagine stepping into a cozy oasis of beauty on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. That’s MaxWax, a 1000 square foot beauty salon that redefines elegance with simplicity. The salon’s layout is cleverly designed, using smoothly curved walls to create distinct areas for both public and private moments.

Inspired by the Body’s Grace

MaxWax’s interior design draws inspiration from the graceful curves of the human body. The walls flow like gentle waves, guiding you through the space with ease. It’s a visual journey that resonates with the salon’s core essence—the art of waxing. Just as wax molds to the body, the salon’s design embraces the sinuous and fluid.

A Burst of Vibrancy

As you explore the salon, a burst of vibrant orange catches your eye. This lively color comes from MaxWax’s logo and is strategically placed on the inner curved surfaces. This bold choice does more than just add color—it symbolizes a transition. Like peeling away layers to reveal a new you, the orange hue differentiates the inner sanctum from the outside world.

The Beauty of Separation

The gracefully curved walls serve a dual purpose. They not only create a mesmerizing visual flow but also define spaces. The public and private areas of the salon are separated seamlessly, ensuring a sense of comfort and privacy for every visitor. MaxWax understands that beauty is not just about appearances—it’s also about the experience.

Simplicity, Elegance, and You

MaxWax’s beauty salon isn’t just a place for treatments; it’s an experience. With its simple yet elegant design, it transforms beauty into an art form. The curving walls, vibrant accents, and thoughtful layout all work together to create a space where beauty meets tranquility. MaxWax invites you to embrace the elegance of simplicity and indulge in a beauty experience.