NEW YORK, June 2016, Italian Consulate, Park Avenue
Exhibition by famous artists and designers that represent Italian excellence

June 2nd is a special day in New York, as Italy celebrates “La Festa della Repubblica” to remember when seventy years ago, Italian men and – for the first time – Italian women went to the polls to choose the form of government that the country would have in the aftermath of World War II.

Celebrating “Italy in New York” with an exhibition by famous artists and designers that represent Italian excellence in New York: Francesco Clemente, Gaetano Pesce, Antonio Pio Saracino, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ferrari and Lorenzo Mattotti.

Visitors will thus enjoy the privilege of a powerful display of an unusual combination of recent and more traditional artistic and technological Italian wonders that mirrors the timeless creativity of Italy of today in New York.

In the exhibition prestigious works of art and objects from the history of design and the Italian costume. Pieces from the world-famous contemporary painter, Francesco Clemente, and designers Gaetano Pesce and Antonio Pio Saracino, are on display, along with the famous Salvatore Ferragamo’s 9/11 collection, created in response to the horrors of September 11, 2001.  Antonio Pio Saracino’s silk and digital tapestry made in Venice by  Rubelli, the prestigious company that made famous around the world the fabric of silk.  Four stunning Ferraris will be parked in front of the Consulate’s main entrance.