Milan, April 2014: Antonio Pio Saracino introduces new products made in Italy by Contempo. The Hexa, the Flow and the Grape Collections are on display at the ‘Salone Internazionale del Mobile’, Pavillion 12 – Stand E01, from April 8-13 2014.

The Hexa lounge, chair, and bench table collection is an angular and sculptural seat based on hexagonal geometry and offers unexpected comfort. The hexagon made with six petals opening from an empty core that is the base of the back of the chair.

Each petal is made with leather or fabric cushions, both in the back and front of the chair. The geometric petals are assembled on top of a hexagonal stainless-steel welded frame attached on geometric tubular legs. The frame is available in a brilliant chrome and brushed finish.

The Flow sofa, sectional, armchair, chair, and ottoman collection is characterized by curved and fluid seating lines. Comfort is achieved by a system of curved leather cushions.

The welcoming seating is enveloped by a monolithic-organic shaped and ultra-sophisticated shell base that is available with a fabric cover or a high-gloss lacquer-painted finish. An ottoman and dining chair complete the collection.

The Grape low table collection is composed by a system of four modular pieces that can be arranged and assembled in different compositions. The different modules are designed to reach three different heights and composed with the assemblage of hollow wooden tubes.

There are inserted, hand-painted ceramic cups in different colors on the top surface of every tube. The different color compositions of the tabletop and irregular, handmade ceramic texture create different patterns selections.

Saracino presents also the Star Collection made in Italy by Lamberti Decor. The Star Collection is on display at the NHow Hotel in the ‘Fuori Salone’ exhibition Future is Nhow, from April 8-13 2014.

The Star Chair and Armchair part of the Star collection are an exploration of the star morphology applied to a chair. The points of the star extend from a core and become the legs, the seat, the back and the arms of the chair.

The thin aluminum sheet is bent to strengthen the star section, and it is hand welded and polished. The chairs are available in different colors and with an optional leather cushion.

The Star Low-Table, part of the Star collection, is an exploration of the Star morphology applied into a coffee table. The coffee table is built with eight rays that build a dimensional star holding a glass tabletop.