Villa Al Mazrou

Location: Sharjha, UAE 

Project Designer: APS Designs

Project Type: Residential Design

Villa Al Mazrou: An Urban Oasis in Sharjah, UAE

Discover Villa Al Mazrou, an extraordinary residential project designed by APS Designs, nestled in the vibrant heart of Sharjah, UAE. This exceptional villa spans an impressive 1,000 square meters, equivalent to 11,000 square feet, featuring six bedrooms that seamlessly blend opulence with functionality, creating a harmonious retreat.

Upon crossing the grand gates, Villa Al Mazrou invites you through a captivating main entrance framed by architectural portals, becoming a recurring theme throughout the outdoor spaces. Exquisite artistic bronze doors grace the entrance, framed by travertine walls adorned with pocket waterfalls, creating a unique and enchanting ambiance. Carefully designed shading systems invite the warm embrace of natural light into the house.

Architectural  Artistry

Villa Al Mazrou showcases architectural marvels, including bronze doors with a distinctive artistic quality that adds a touch of uniqueness to the entrance. The bedrooms open to private patio gardens with sophisticated shading systems, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. The design masterfully weaves together vernacular locale architectural language with modern elements, drawing inspiration from the rich Arabic heritage and infusing a clean, simple, and modern Dubai aesthetic.

Material Elegance

A thoughtful selection of materials dominates Villa Al Mazrou, with travertine and wood setting the architectural palette. Bronze accents elevate the façade to unparalleled sophistication, complemented by a system of vertical bronze shading systems screening the facade windows. The interior living room, with grand proportions and large windows, provides panoramic views of meticulously landscaped gardens, seamlessly blending the indoor and outdoor realms.

A Symphony of Views

Bedrooms offer breathtaking views, surrounded by natural wood and textures that enhance the connection with the outdoors. Multiple patios and shading areas invite residents to enjoy filters between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a serene atmosphere.

Luxurious Living Spaces

Villa Al Mazrou’s interior presents a lavish living experience, featuring expansive decorative panels seamlessly integrating Arabic motifs into modern interiors. Pool areas are designed for relaxation, complemented by spacious bathrooms adorned with sculptural tubs.

More than a residence, Villa Al Mazrou is an urban oasis, an embodiment of architectural excellence celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Sharjah. With its perfect fusion of traditional charm and contemporary luxury, Villa Al Mazrou stands as a testament to APS Designs’ commitment to creating timeless and unparalleled living spaces.