Fashion Boutique

Location: Soho, New York City
Interior Design: APS Designs
Project Type: Retail Design

Fashion Flagship Boutique:
Nestled in the vibrant heart of SoHo, New York, the Tibi flagship boutique stands as a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge design and retail sophistication. Within its expansive 2200 square foot space, an elegant retail experience has been meticulously crafted by APS Designs.

Brand Identity:
We’ve meticulously created a layered system of modern elements that gracefully overlap the historical cast iron building and columns. It immerses you in an extraordinary, elegant shopping encounter that transcends the boundaries of fashion. Our design breathes life into Tibi’s narrative within a carefully crafted environment meant to inspire, captivate, and redefine your shopping experience.

Elevating Identity with Every Detail:
As you step through our doors, the world of Tibi envelops you beneath two canopies that demarcate distinct areas of the boutique. Every facet of the designed environment embodies the essence of the brand – a seamless fusion of creativity and pragmatism. From captivating displays showcasing the designs to the strategic placement of the cash register, every detail resonates with Tibi’s distinctive identity, bridging creativity and pragmatism.

Tailored Elegance for the Tasteful Shopper:
Step into a realm where design effortlessly harmonizes with functionality. APS Designs has curated bespoke racks that serve as both artistic showcases and functional displays for garments. Going beyond mere utility, these racks metamorphose into platforms of artistry, elevating our curated collection and accentuating the impeccable craftsmanship of each piece.

Materials and Refined Aesthetics:
The timeless allure of silver travertine gracefully mingles with the warmth of the wooden floor, evoking a natural element, further enhanced by stainless steel brushed racks. Contemporary high gloss white lacquer surfaces infuse modernity, creating an atmosphere where classic beauty and modern flair coalesce seamlessly. Green interior closets, echoing the brand’s identity coloring, add an extra layer of thoughtfully crafted detail. APS Designs has also created overlapping patterns in the woven carpets, introducing yet another layer of crafted artistry to the space.

The Café / Bar:
The Tibi SoHo boutique transcends fashion – it’s a lifestyle destination. At the counter stands an impeccably designed bar area where style converges with sociability. Whether you seek a tranquil respite or engaging conversations, this intimate space enriches your shopping journey, adding an additional layer of indulgence.

The Unique Design:
APS Designs has crafted a boutique that captures the very essence of Tibi fashion – a space where innovation seamlessly aligns with classics, creating a shopping experience that resonates with the brand’s DNA. Traverse a realm where every intricacy holds significance, where the fusion of materials and design guides you through a sophisticated journey of retail excellence.