Mixed Use Building

Location: Puglia, Italy
Project Designer: APS Designs
Project Type: Residential & Commercial Design

Elevating Living, One Floor at a Time

In the heart of Puglia, Italy, an architectural project is taking shape, meticulously designed by APS Designs. This in-progress building, spanning five stories, ushers in a new era of refined living. Comprising twenty-five residential units and a ground floor commercial space, it boasts a design that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic grace.

A Vision of Connection and Unity
This building stands not as an isolated entity, but as an integral part of a greater ensemble. A three-building complex, intricately linked by a network of terraces, coalesces into a harmonious unit, exemplifying architectural symmetry. Drawing inspiration from southern Italy’s distinctive visual language, the locally sourced stone roofs and verandas harmonize to create a captivating visual symphony resonating with the region’s essence.

Dancing with the Sun: Terrace Innovation
The building’s terrace system embraces innovation with a focus on sunlight optimization and shadow elimination. Fashioned in a dynamic zigzag pattern, these terraces choreograph a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow. Each corner basks in the sun’s embrace, fostering not only visual appeal but also infusing the atmosphere with vibrant energy.

A Plaza of Tranquility: Central Gathering
Celebrating the essence of community, the trio of interconnected buildings forms a harmonious “U” shape, cradling a central plaza. Paved with stone and adorned with lush lawns and inviting seating areas, this serene space serves as a sanctuary of relaxation and connection. A gateway, crowned by a stairway leading to the courtyard plaza, bridges the front and back of the building, beckoning residents to explore.

Guided by the ethos of architectural excellence, APS Designs breathes life into this evolving project. As the building ascends, it stands as a testament to design innovation, aesthetic sensitivity, and a commitment to crafting spaces that transcend the ordinary. Witness the inception of a harmonious living space, where design and functionality converge to create an oasis of elegance.