Museum of Chocolate

Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Architectural Design: APS Designs
Interior Design: APS Designs, Gridesign
Project Type: Museography & Retail Design

Chocolate Museum, Dammam, Saudi Arabia:

Nestled in the vibrant industrial heart of Saudi Arabia, the Chocolate Factory and Museum stands as a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge architectural design, immersive experience, and retail sophistication. Within its expansive 13,000 square foot interior project and 14,000 square foot outdoor space, an iconic project has been meticulously designed by Italian Architect Antonio Pio Saracino, Founder of APS Designs.

Architectural Ingenuity:

This project unfolds as an extraordinary voyage, revealing the world’s Experiential Chocolate Museum in Saudi Arabia – a symphony of architectural brilliance paying homage to the cocoa bean. The project was conceived as an immersive museum, guiding visitors through a captivating odyssey that unveils the Chocolatier factory process, traces the tapestry of chocolate’s rich history, and invites engagement in immersive, hands-on workshops.

Experiential Design:

The paradigm shift in museum experiences – from passive observation to complete immersion – lies at the core of this venture. Crafted and designed to mesmerize visitors, the museum redefines learning about the chocolate factory, the brand, and chocolate as a global phenomenon. Through a creative and playful approach, it offers a multifaceted encounter that transcends the ordinary.

Unveiling the Unseen, Crafting the Extraordinary:

Beneath the captivating exterior – a poetic manifestation of copper tubes mirroring melting chocolate – lies an iconic landmark, a testament to our architectural prowess. The exterior’s design dances between inspiration and boldness, designed by APS Designs to establish an awe-inspiring presence.

Crafting Sensory Elevation:

Guiding this architectural marvel is APS Designs, the embodiment of innovation and artistic vision. The museum’s interior project is a collaborative endeavor, melding the creative forces of APS Designs and Gridesign. Our mission is to transcend the conventional, crafting an interior that marries design with experiential wonder, seamlessly bringing the chocolate narrative to life.

Elevating Education through Design:

Beyond being a mere structure, this museum embodies an exploration of education, creativity, and indulgence. APS Designs orchestrates the space with precision, ensuring every corner invites you to engage, learn, and immerse yourself in the world of chocolate.

Project Status:

The project is set to redefine the boundaries of architectural innovation. Prepare to be transported into a realm where design evokes emotion, where history interweaves with the contemporary, and where each architectural element embodies the very essence of chocolate itself. Currently in progress, stay tuned for the unveiling of a masterpiece that reimagines experiential design, inviting you to unwrap the secrets of chocolate in ways you’ve never imagined.