Bari, Italy, September 2012:  The Festival of PugliArch take place in the city of Bari. It is organized with a full program of events designed to highlight and enhance the architecture starting from Puglia and comparing cases with Italian and international Architecture.

Antonio Pio Saracino is invited to present his work in a conference focused on the relationship between Nature and Design.

The Festival aims to achieve its objectives through the creation of varied debates, declined in various forms of communication around which sit some of the major representatives of the professional and academic architectural, art and culture in general. Adhesive for all involved and whistle for the wider public as well as specialists, is the multidisciplinary nature of the event, which is for the most interesting challenge to pursue.

The Festival of Architecture, is a form of participation, the more “spectacular” and that there could be enriched with many events involving civil society in guided reflection on our space, our buildings, our landscapes starting from ‘Listening to the common thought reported and compared with the specialized that collects, interprets, synthesizes and returns in the form of ideas and projects for the city.

The idea of the Festival, PUGLIARCH 2012 identified in the title “Slow Architecture” focuses on the issues of quality and sustainability in architecture from the recovery of the concept of “slow” and from the praise of unconventional festina lente.