Location: Hudson Valley, NY
Project Designer: APS Designs
Project Type: Residential Design

Contemporary Barn Mansion in Upstate New York’s Hudson Valley
Nestled in the picturesque Hudson Valley, this modern barn mansion is a design by APS Designs—a 4-bedroom, 3500 sq ft haven. This dwelling envisions modern comfort while paying homage to local heritage.

A Symphony of Overlapping Volumes
This modern barn mansion features an alluring layout, where overlapping volumes weave a captivating narrative. A central volume serves as the house’s entry, illuminated by a skylight and connected by an elegant staircase. This central spine links two distinct realms: on one side, the vibrant social spaces; on the other, serene bedrooms and private home offices, each with its own terrace.

Social Haven with a View
Step into the double-height expanse of the social area. Here, a kitchen with a dining space blends seamlessly with a cozy living room den. Expansive wood-framed glass facades embrace the awe-inspiring natural vistas, inviting the outdoors in. Every inch of this residence is a canvas painted with the beauty of nature.

Harmonious Modernity
The design seamlessly melds with the surroundings. The main barn house’s image pays homage to local heritage while embracing a modern spirit. Overlapping barn house volumes unfold, framing the landscape with glass, aluminum frames, and wood paneling, creating a dynamic façade that dances with changing light and shadow.

Materials and Luxury
The materials palette—concrete, exquisite Italian marble, bronze metal frames, and wood framing—crafts a tapestry of textures radiating sophistication. The dwelling is encircled by four outdoor decks with a BBQ area and a pool, offering a perfect setting to relish the tranquil beauty of the Hudson Valley.

Perfect Harmony
This modern design includes a 2-car garage, expansive living spaces with double-height ceilings for a nature-immersed experience, home offices for productivity, and four bedrooms for serene rest. With five baths, this retreat caters to every comfort.

A Sanctuary of Contemporary Living
In the heart of the Hudson Valley, a modern sanctuary beckons. APS Designs envisions a home that’s both a refuge and an artistic expression. It’s a contemporary haven embraced by nature, capturing the essence of the present while honoring the echoes of the past. This is beyond just a house—it’s a modern retreat, a symphony of design that seamlessly aligns with its surroundings.