Category: Completed Project / Permanent Installation

Location: Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood

Medium: Painted Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 5.5’ x 1.8’ x 2’ Each

Edition: 1 Edition of 3 in this size

Client: Cohen Brothers Realty

Year Completed: 2013

Art in Public Places: Yes

Public Art Program: Art Consultant /Direct Commission

Description: The Totems is a project installed permanently on the roof garden of the Pacific Design Center. The totems are a study of prismatic shapes made of different sized facets. The prismatic totems reflect light in different ways through each facet. Each totem has different tonal variations of the same color on each facet that reflects light and the environment. The shapes are abstracted by the color tonal changes, deceiving the eye and mystifying the perception of the totems between two and three-dimensional space.