Location: Los Angeles, California 
Project Designer: APS Designs
Project Type: Museography, Residential Design 

The Mineral Rotunda: A Private Mineral Museum
The Mineral Rotunda, a Rotunda of Wonder, is designed to serve as an immersive private mineral museum—a masterfully crafted architectural creation nestled within the confines of a private residence. Conceived by Italian Architect Antonio Pio Saracino of APS Designs, this space goes beyond mere aesthetics to become a haven of inspiration, beauty, and a protective sanctuary for rare treasures.

An Iconic and Unforgettable Space
An iconic dome graces the Rotunda, suffusing the area with a gentle, natural light. Twenty-one majestic pillars elegantly encircle the space, each adorned with the exquisite Verde Alpi Italian marble and rich ebony wood. Yet, these pillars hold more than meets the eye; they cradle a collection of precious gems—rare minerals from across the globe.

A Collector’s Enduring Legacy
The Rotunda of Wonder stands as a testament to a life devoted to the pursuit of the extraordinary. It serves as a treasure trove for the remarkable collection of a dedicated mineral enthusiast. As you stand within its embrace, you’re enveloped by the history, beauty, mystique, and allure of these precious treasures.

Tranquility and Creative Inspiration
A homage to the concept of old-world thinking rooms, the Rotunda embodies a realm of creative inspiration and serene meditation. The space masterfully combines rare minerals with a vast collection of books and knowledge. Nestled at the heart of the room is a round upholstery banquette, swathed in opulent green velvet—a perfect cocoon for contemplating and immersing oneself in the treasures that abound.

A Symphony of Elements
At the core of this tranquil setting rests a serene fountain—an ethereal source of water texture and reflective calm. This aqueous element enhances the soothing ambiance, while a substantial crystal at its nucleus infuses the room with a distinctive energy. The space orchestrates a symphony of design elements that unite to form a harmonious interplay of beauty, nature, and culture.

A Sanctuary for Beauty and Reflection
The Rotunda of Wonder stands as a living tribute to the celebration of rare minerals, curated wisdom, and the natural world. This private museum is more than just a collection; it’s a hallowed space where beauty finds synergy with contemplation. APS Designs artfully weaves together a tapestry of aesthetics, emotion, and reverence, inviting you to step into a world where gemstones and inspiration coexist in harmonious unity.