Tennis Hall

Location: Sweden
Project Designer: APS Designs
Project Type: Competition 

A Pavilion of Sport: Sodra Tennis Pavilion
The Sodra Tennis Pavilion. Inspired by the sleek curves of a tennis ball, this pavilion is a testament to both form and function. The project is more than just an architectural Pavilion—it’s a celebration of sport and design. APS Designs’ innovative approach creates a space where elegance meets athleticism, inviting players and spectators to engage in the game’s timeless spirit.

Elegance in Form
Imagine the aerodynamic lines of a tennis ball—that’s the essence of the Sodra Tennis Pavilion. APS Designs transformed it into a wooden dome that gracefully sits upon a landscaped platform. The design embodies movement and grace, capturing the spirit of the game it celebrates.

A Gateway to Excellence
As you approach the pavilion, the entrance is unmistakably marked by a curved glass façade. Set back from the wooden exterior, it beckons visitors inside. This entrance is more than just a doorway; it’s a portal to a world of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Wood and Glass in Harmony
The pavilion wears a coat of wooden cladding that wraps around from top to bottom. Look closely, and you’ll notice a continuous strip of glass etched into the wood—a design that mimics the seams of a tennis ball. This detail not only adds visual intrigue but also pays homage to the heart of the pavilion’s inspiration.

A Dance of Light
As the sun sets, the pavilion transforms. The curved strip of glass comes alive with illumination, casting a dynamic glow. It’s a spectacle that captivates the eyes and captures the essence of the pavilion’s movement-inspired design.

A Balance of Light
Inside the pavilion, natural light filters through the glazed strip at the dome’s peak. This gentle, even glow creates an inviting ambiance, enveloping the space in warmth. It’s designed to allow light while preventing harsh rays from disturbing players on the court.