Mixed-Use Building

Location: Abruzzo, Italy
Project Designer: APS Designs
Project Type: Residential & Commercial Design 

Architectural Harmony

This Residential Building, conceptulized by Italian Architect Antonio Pio Saracino, Founder of APS Designs, is more than just a building; it’s a blend of design and nature, creating a special living experience. This project captures the essence of its surroundings and invites you to experience city living with a touch of art, nature, and community.

Fitting into the Environment

This Residential Building beautifully merges with its natural surroundings in Abruzzo. With five stories, 80 residential units, and a commercial ground floor, it reimagines city living. APS Designs brings nature to life with pixelated reflections on its four sides, connecting the building with its environment.

Unique Living Spaces

Each residential unit in this architectural marvel is built atop a commercial base. The upper units extend their space with big terraces that connect indoor and outdoor living. Ground floor apartments feature lush rooftop gardens, creating a green oasis in the city. The building’s facades are adorned with dimensional ribbons that create a play of terraces linked to the interior spaces. White railings encircle these outdoor areas, projecting out with different intensities, creating distinct layouts for each unit.

Bringing Nature In

This Residential Building’s facades highlight the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. The interplay of terraces, marked by white railings, captures the essence of nature. These terraces, tailored to adjacent interiors and views, offer different surfaces for various uses. By carefully placing windows, the facade not only adds depth but also provides shading for the interiors.

Connecting Inside and Out

Clear glass and mesh on certain balconies blur the line between indoor and outdoor. This seamless link allows indoor living to flow into the natural surroundings. Greenery and planters strengthen this bond, creating a peaceful space in the city.

Art Meets Nature

This Residential Building’s facade is a work of art, pixelated to perfection. This design choice expands the building’s surface, providing space for gatherings and plants. APS Designs transforms this exterior into more than just a facade—it becomes a platform for engagement and nature, creating a balanced coexistence with the surroundings.