Atlantic Avenue Building

Location: Brooklyn, New York City
Interior Designer: APS Designs
Architect of Record: Roart
Project Type: Residential Design

Brooklyn Building Design: Where Creativity Unfolds

A new project under construction located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. From the entrance to the interior lobby, hallways, amenities, apartment spaces, bathrooms, and kitchen layouts, every aspect of this design is a collaboration with APS Designs for artistic sculptural entrance and interior aspects, while Roart stands as the project Architect.

An Entrance Beyond:

APS Designs has envisioned the entrance as an artful sculptural installation, extending a warm and uniquely creative welcome to residents and visitors. A canopy sculpted with a circular halo, adorned with plants and suspended flowers, greets all who enter. Another halo light accentuates the entrance, complemented by a sculptural element designed to hold greenery. This creative endeavor reflects the vibrant and burgeoning creative community of Brooklyn, capturing innovation and practicality. The use of industrial materials pays homage to the borough’s rich heritage.

Elegant Lobby and Hallways:

APS Designs has conceived the interiors of the lobby and hallways, creating spaces that radiate warmth and sophistication. Inlay bronze terrazzo, tambour wood paneling, and Nero Marquina marble converge to establish an atmosphere of understated luxury. Cutting-edge artworks, minimalist consoles, and benches contribute to the ambiance, achieving a harmonious balance between form and function.

Amenities in Harmony:

The gym, terrace, and garden patio – all amenities – continue the material palette of bronze elements and textured wood paneling. This consistent design approach fosters a seamless transition between spaces, fostering a sense of unity and refinement.

Interior Apartments:

Each apartment’s interior boasts a meticulously curated material palette. Exposed concrete ceilings pay homage to the industrial heritage of the area, while polished kitchens, adorned with ash wood and Italian marble, emanate sophistication. Black lacquer accent walls create a striking contrast, adding depth to the living space.

Luxurious Bathrooms:

Even the bathrooms exude luxury and meticulous design. Featuring two marble colors and bronze elements, these spaces transform daily routines into indulgent experiences.

A Creative Testament:

The interiors of this Brooklyn Building Design extend beyond mere structure – they stand as a creative testament to the spirit of the community. Rooted in innovation, aesthetics, and pragmatism, this design captures the essence of Brooklyn’s dynamic and evolving landscape. As the project unfolds, it weaves together the threads of creativity, functionality, and beauty into a harmonious tapestry of modern living.